About Me

ADE institute Bali 2013

I am a digital literacy coach at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. I’m an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE), Apple Professional Developer (APD), Apple Asia Advisory Board Member and Apple Asia Leadership Board Member. Throughout my career as an international educator, I have combined two of my passions – technology and photography. I am fortunate enough to have published two photography books: Black & White & Orange and Vietnam A Photographer’s Journey. I have also created an instructional multi-touch book, The Photographer’s Toolkit, to help photographers learn how to capture amazing images.The Photographers Toolkit.png I am passionate about iPhone photography and have published a book to help people capture beautiful images with the device that is in their pocket – Stories Through the Lens. In addition to this, I have written two ebooks to support literacy, Digital Approaches to Writing and Literature Circles with iPads. I worked with a team to create an iTunesU course designed for students capturing images on iOS devices called Photography Guidebook for iPad, iPod and iPhone. I enjoy working to empower others to use technology to enhance learning.


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